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Indo-Italian Joint Venture

Italindia Packplus Private Limited is a Joint Venture established between Penguin Engineers, Coimbatore, India and MacDue, Bologna, Italy in the year 2008. The primary aim of this JV is to create a world class organisation for industrial packing machines, that specialises in Shrink film packaging by manufacturing hi-quality Shrink Wrapping Machines collaborating the aptitudes of Italian Technology and Indian Manufacturing.

Penguin’s Make in India program sprouted much ahead of its time when it tied up with MacDue, in the joint venture that saw the formation of Italindia Packplus private limited in its home turf, Coimbatore. Italindia Packplus private limited focuses on manufacturing in India, secondary packaging machines with the Italian design inputs and export them on behalf of MacDue to other countries as well. With MacDue bringing the International Standards Tech to the table and Penguin providing the manufacturing assets including modern machine shop facility and assembly hall, with a meticulous quality control section, this remarkable association was promoted to manufacture Shrink wrapping machine for world markets.

Mac Due is situated in Bologna, Italy, since 1981 and is one of the leading historical manufacturers and exporters of Automatic Shrink wrapping machines and complete automatic packaging lines. They have a base of more than 7500 machines installed across the globe in the last 40 years, offering packaging solutions for different kinds of industries.

Penguin Engineers is a dynamic and one of the world class packaging machine suppliers that manufactures sophisticated state of the art machinery for the Packaging industry. With three decades of experience, Penguin enjoys an excellent reputation both in domestic and international markets specializing in automated packaging machines. Its machines are used widely in more than 40 countries spread over Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa.

Penguin enjoys a cordial relationship with MacDue and Team and has a resonating experience with their culture, business management style and the exceptional relationship with the founders which is the basic foundation for this strong structure producing shrink packing machines.

joint venture between macdue and penguin engineers

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factory inauguration

Factory Inauguration

The production plant of Italindia Packplus private limited was commenced in Coimbatore to bring in the world class technology to India for those enthusiasts searching the world wide web for Shrink wrap roll near me. Dr. Fiorenzo Donetti, one of the Directors of MacDue Italy, inaugurated the Production Plant on 27 January 2010 - a modern machine shop equipped with fabrication and machining work-centres, augmented by a spacious assembly shop that enables the plant to manufacture closely monitored hi-quality machines and spares. The in-house production with stringent quality measures pledge the finest quality and maximum durability for our automated packaging machines. The quality of the components manufactured in-house is consistently above excellence and every machine including the small packaging machines is internally tested before the shipment by a skilled team of mechanical and software engineers so the machine can be operational in a very short time once installed at Customer's plant.
Our core team of the new plant were picked from existing and external sources with required expertise who in-turn lead specific teams towards the development of the company. The core team was meticulously trained by our Italian partners in Italy as well as in India. A number of staff exchange training were organised that lead to necessary acquaintance between the practices in both the organisations.


italindia factory shop floor

Production Facility

Italindia Packplus private limited is a significant collaboration with MacDue, that has inspired our Penguin team to raise the bar of our manufacturing techniques and quality to a greater extent, as it adapted to the style of European machinery making, encouraging us to manufacture internationally acknowledged Packing machine for sale. The production plant is equipped with a splendid manufacturing infrastructure assimilating a modern machine shop with CNC machines and an experienced skilled workforce, to manufacture precision components. The machine shop also enables stringent quality measures and yielding high production to keep up the delivery schedules, as well. Fully equipped fabrication with latest equipment and processes is the secret of the manufacturing excellence at work here. The tools and gauges used in our internal quality control department uses the latest and aptly calibrated equipment to pass robust quality control tests. Well equipped packing division maintains safety and security of components and spares. Workplace organisation with intact housekeeping, orderly storage, standardized work practices and appropriate maintenance of the plant and machinery is upheld at its best. The production of our small shrink wrap machines took off in a full-fledged manner in a year since its inception, as we received orders from various organisations from different industries. The machine shop assisted us in manufacturing a major part of the machine components which aided in producing the components with more focus on quality. We were able to adopt and practice the quality enhancement programs and focus on on-time delivery methods learnt from various training taken up in the domestic and international fronts. Accessories and assistance including shrink films, shrink tunnel, conveyors and other spares are also provided from our plant. Searches including packing materials near me are aptly addressed by our versatile supply of shrink wrapping auxiliaries. The machines were test marketed in various industries that require systemic packaging including paper, beverages, food, furniture etc. Exploring the utility of the machines in different industries gave us more exposure towards standardising the machine specifications as per different applications which also helped us in arriving at affordable shrink packing machine price.

mac due italy

About Macdue

Mac due logosituated in Bologna, Italian packaging valley, is one of the leading historical manufacturers and exporters of Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines and complete Automatic Packaging Lines. They have a base of more than 6000 machines installed across the globe mainly in western countries in last 34 years

penguin engineers factory

About Penguin Engineers

Penguin engineers logoPenguin Engineers, Coimbatore, is a dynamic multi faceted group engaged in providing engineering solutions in the fields of Textile, Packaging and Rubber Industries. With 28 years of experience and a dedicated team of engineers, Penguin has become a trend setter in their core area. Penguin enjoys International reputation as their machines are well accepted in over 41 countries.

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