Two Roll Automatic Shrink Wrapper for Big Products

shrink wrapper for industrial products

Two Roll Shrink Wrapper: Model: TR 15A

Two Roll Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine - For bigger width Industrial products

The Two Roll series of the shrink wrapping machines caters to a wide range of product sizes that can be shrink wrapped. Italindia Packplus Pvt Ltd offers you a number of models that address specific needs of the customers in terms of product sizes and wrapping film required. The heat shrink film that are used in our machine is capable of providing a safer and reliable pack. More details are given here to know about the shrink films suggested, that includes LDPE shrink film and polyolefin shrink film.

Two Roll shrink wrapping machines for packaging large industrial products using LDPE film is done with the TR12-15-20-25 models. This series offers a range of models that can be eloquently employed for loftier products that needs to be shrink wrapped securely for safer transit.

two roll semi automatic shrink wrapper

Two Roll Shrink Wrapper: Model: TR12 A

This series is particularly suitable to shrink pack products like wooden or metal furniture, plastic, wooden or insulation panels, doors, chairs, products for garden, radiators, bed frames and several large products.

The otherwise difficult and time-consuming process of manual packaging of the large size products are packed instantly and easily with this shrink wrapping machine. The best quality final packaging features a strong sealing and guarantees a safe protection to the product until it reaches the end user. As a leader in shrink packaging machines and its accessories, we also are reputed shrink tunnel machine manufacturers who meticulously manufacture apt shrink tunnels for the diverse sizes of the shrink packaging machinery that we create.

How to select TR series for your products ?

The model of the machine can be chosen based on the measurements of the product to be shrink wrapped and following the guideline shown in the chart below.

    TR12 TR15 TR20 TR25  
Min. Dimension (in mm) A 400 400 400 400


Product dimension

B 100 100 100 100
H 50 50 50 50
Max. Dimension (in mm) A 1200 1200 1400 1600
B 1000 1300 1500 2100
H 400 500 500 500
Max. B + H (in mm)   1200 1500 2000 2500

Features of TR 12 - 15 - 20 -25

Packages can be either sleeve wrapped or totally closed by overlapping the film on the sides and melting it while passing into the shrink tunnel. The hot air inside the shrink tunnel can be precisely set according to the size of the product to obtain a perfect shrink result.

  • Price advantages and Cost savings over traditional carton packing method
  • Enhances your product brand loyalty and transparency

Sample products


  TR12 TR15 TR20 TR25
Maximum Ø of film reel (mm) 350
Film thickness (µ) - PE 30 - 110
Installed power (kW) - Machine + Standard Tunel (or Double chamber tunnel) 3 + 38 (55) 3 + 54 (74.5) 5 + 54 (87.5) 5.5 + 62 (100)
Belt (m / min.)  
Standard tunnel 2.5 -12 2.5 - 7
Double chamber tunnel 2.5 - 15 2.5 - 14

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