automatic bagging machine

Automatic Shrink Wrapper - Model: SALLY

Total enclosure automatic shrink packaging machine with continuous side sealing to result in a perfect shrink wrap that safeguards product from environmental influences. Learn More...

automatic bagging machine

High Speed Shrink wrapping - Model: Sally HS

Shrink film packaging solutions with a side sealer with PP/ PE films for automatic and high quality packing with increased productivity. Learn More...

shrink wrapping machine with multiple tracks for feeding products

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine – Model: TR 8A/ 10 A

Efficient secondary packaging machine that automatically detects and loads product. User friendly features to connect with the existing production line. Learn More...

Shrink wrapping machine for beverages

Automatic Shrink wrapping machine for Bottle packing - Model: TR8 A 90° MT

Shrink wrapping machine manufacture for bottle packaging with matrix product arrangement and 90° conveyor. Enables automized packaging in multi-lines. Learn More...

automatic bagging machine

Two Roll Semi Automatic Shrink wrapping Systems - Model TR 8 / 10 SA

Two Roll shrink film packaging where product loading is manual and the wrapping and shrinking is automatic. Different models available as per size of product. Learn More...

shrink wrapping machine with multiple tracks for feeding products

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine for Bigger Products – Model: TR 12/ 15/ 20/ 25 A

Shrink wrap machine with two rolls of PE film to wrap large industrial products including wooden and metal furniture, insulation panels, radiators etc. Learn More...

shrink tunnel

Automatic Shrink wrapping Machine: Model: TR10 A 90°

Shrink film packaging solutions for bottle packing can be achieved with this shrink wrap machine for desired matrix arrangement, packaging automation and efficient space utilisation. Learn More...

automatic bagging machine

Shrink Tunnel

Secondary packaging machine with Intelligent Shrink Tunnel with single or double chambers, for your packaging solutions, regulated for speed and temperature as appropriate. Learn More...

conveyor lines for feeding and delivery


Different types of conveyors in the shrink wrap machine - facilitates movement of product from feeding conveyor to exit through special conveyors in shrink tunnel. Learn More...

conveyor lines for feeding and delivery

Automatic Ream Packing & Bundling Line

Italindia Packplus Automatic Shrink Packaging Line (Ream Packing and Bundling Line) is designed to pack individual reams using LDPE film with four side seal and then stack them into bundles.Learn More...

Shrink Wrapping Solution with Italian Technology

Shrink wrapping solutions with Italian technology and with four decades of Industrial Knowledge people work together - to create Custom Made Solutions.

Italindia Packplus delivers customized solutions

An Indo-Italian Joint Venture Company

ITALINDIA PACKPLUS PRIVATE LIMITED is a joint venture company between MACDUE, Bologna - ITALY and PENGUIN ENGINEERS, Coimbatore - INDIA. The INDO - ITALY collaboration primarily engage in the Shrink Wrapping Machine manufacture of the MAC DUE Shrink Wrapping Machines in India and market directly in India / export on behalf of MAC DUE.

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