Two Roll Semi Automatic Shrink Wrapper

two roll semi automatic shrink wrapper

Two Roll Shrink Wrapper: Model: TR8 SA

Semi Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine: Model: TR8 SA / TR10 SA

Our complete customer friendly packaging equipment in the shrink wrap packaging field offers flexible models suitable for products of different sizes guaranteeing high efficiency in the packaging process. Our industrial packaging machines offers hi-quality packages both in sealing strength and shrinking processes to safeguard your products during transports.

TR8 SA is a semi-automatic heat shrink packaging machine that efficiently and precisely employs two heat shrink wrap rolls to safely wrap your products. The product loading is manual and the wrapping and shrinking processes are automatic. The shrink wrap sealer automatically senses the product loaded and perfectly seals the film covering the product. The machine is activated with a pneumatic pushing system.

The semiautomatic version is also available as another model TR10 SA which caters to products with more surface area to be covered. The customer can be at total assurance of the availability of required spares and service by our committed and capable service team. The needs of our clientele are immediately addressed and our company provides timely support wherever our patrons are put up. Spares of the shrink wrapping machines are readily available at our factory stores and the after-sales needs are promptly attended as and when required by the user.

two roll semi automatic shrink wrapper

Two Roll Shrink Wrapper: Model: TR10 SA

How to select TR8 SA / TR10 SA

The model of the machine can be chosen based on the measurements of the product to be shrink wrapped and following the guideline shown in the chart below.

    TR8 SA TR10 SA  
Min. Dimension (in mm) A 70 70

Product dimension

B 150 150
H 5 5
Max. Dimension (in mm) A 350 350
B 600 800
H 370 370
Max. B + H (in mm)   800 1000

Features of TR8 SA/ 10 SA

The model TR8 SA / TR10 SA packages products and collations with polyethylene film. It uses two polyethylene film reels and it is equipped with a feeding system which groups and places the products in the wrapping area, a sealing bar, a motorized conveyor to put the products in the shrink tunnel automatically

  • Price advantages and Cost savings over traditional carton packing method
  • Enhances your product brand loyalty and transparency

Sample products


Film thickness (µ) 30 -110 (PE)
Installed power - Machine + Standard Tunel Model: TR8 SA - 20 kW
Model: TR10 SA - 24 kW

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