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Shrink Film

What is the best Shrink film?

The widely consumed Heat Shrink film for secondary packaging is the LDPE shrink film or Low Density Polyethylene shrink film and Polyolefin Shrink film, as they are more beneficial than others. The LDPE shrink film has specific advantages and properties that most suit the shrink wrapping requirements. LDPE shrink films have proven for higher packaging speeds, higher tear resistance, appropriate shrinkage properties and high holding force. Apart from functional performance, LDPE shrink film is also known for its glossy surface, transparency and affably aesthetic visual appearance.

Polyolefin shrink films are known for their more flexible storage, excellent shelf appearance after shrinking and FDA approved for food contact. Shrink film manufacturers claim that Polyolefin is one of the most favoured shrink films for Packaging products due to its amiable properties to heat shrinking. It can withstand wide range of temperatures without any changes in its property. Polypropylene film is a common polyolefin shrink film that is used in secondary packaging for its premier properties. It is more resistant to heat than polyethylene.

We from Italindia Packplus Pvt Ltd suggest these two types of shrink films for our customers., viz., Polyethylene (PE) / LDPE and Polypropylene (PP) film. The PE and PP films are known for their superior shrink potential, flexibility, durability, versatility, lightweight, enhanced protection capability, easily recyclable, require lesser energy to be produced and generates 75% lesser solid waste than traditional packaging materials.

LDPE shrink film is very ductile and has good impact strength. It stretches and shrinks rather than break. The film is water resistant and is durable thereby protects the products that are shrink wrapped. This LDPE shrink film is mainly suggested for the functional property to stay strong when unitised and remain tight for those products which are to be transported from one place to another. This heat shrink film has proved its performance in shrink wrapping larger and heavier packages. The transparent property of the LDPE shrink film suits for secondary packing of various products including food packs, papers, notebooks, coir, wooden or metal furniture, plastic products, doors, panels, radiators, products for garden, bedframe and several other large products.

Polypropylene which is a common polyolefin shrink film is the choice of customers who prefer a most aesthetic and glossy outlook for their products, as it is more clear than the PE film. It is highly resistant to corrosion and is water resistant, and hence provides best packing for prized and exquisite products that deserves a stunning presentation. Polyolefin shrink wrap film manufacturers have also come up with pre-perforated shrink films that permits smooth shrink surface without any air bubbles, resulting in a neat and presentable package. The polyolefin shrink film lays neat and fine on the shrink wrapped commodities. Products including complementary goods, notebooks, books, diaries, artefacts, gifts and those products which are to be showcased for sales require Polypropylene shrink films that appreciates the final product appearance.

Different heat shrink films are in use for secondary packaging. The most common ones include PVC shrink film, LDPE shrink film and polyolefin shrink film. Though PVC heat shrink films was known for its light weight and inexpensive properties, it is less preferred these days due to many reasons. PVC shrink film rolls are not sought-after consumables in many countries. In-spite of the inexpensive PVC shrink film price, it is highly recommended to use LDPE shrink film and polyolefin shrink films for shrink wrap packaging. Polyolefin and Polyethylene are more preferred shrink wrap films that are known for their sealing strength and desirable recyclable properties.

Shrink film suitable for rough handling

As discussed above, the perfect shrink wrap film that can be used for rough handling and unscathed transportation is Polyethylene/ LDPE shrink film. Beverages and water bottles which are arranged in required matrix formats are best wrapped using LDPE shrink films. Polyethylene shrink film is majorly used for transportation purpose and product bundling. It enables easier handling of products compared to carton box, as it provides a bull’s eye handle with the slots created while forming the shrink wrap.

Shrink film width

The shrink film used for different products varies according to the size of the products to be wrapped and according to the model of the shrink wrap machine – which again depends on the size of the product.

The appropriate shrink film width ranges between 500mm upto 1500 mm, that best suits our shrink wrap packaging solutions.

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