conveyors for feeding and delivery

Feeding and Delivery Conveyors


The material handling systems aiding in movement of the product through the machine is facilitated by different kinds of conveyors. Various types of conveyors include belt conveyor, plastic chain conveyor and roller conveyors that are used as per need.

The product is either fed manually or from the output of the previous machine in the production center, when automatic feeding is enabled for the shrink wrap machine. Plastic chain conveyors are used in certain models where the shrink wrap machine is connected with the output machine from the customer’s outlet machine.

The feeding conveyor belt transmits the product to the subsequent parking conveyor belt where the vertical sealer seals and covers the product completely. The totally wrapped product is shifted towards the tunnel sometimes with a kissing belt or not, as per the product specification. Once the product reaches the tunnel, it is transmitted to the special conveyor in the tunnel. User management of the material handling equipment is enhanced with the flexible conveyor system provided.

Types of Conveyors

The key process equipment of product movement comprises the conveyor machine used in the tunnel that transports the product while shrinking. Two major types of conveyor system used in tunnel are mesh type conveyor and roller conveyor.

Mesh type conveyor with or without Teflon coating suits for products which are less than 25 kg. Roller type conveyor is used for products which are >25kg of weight. Once the product is shrink wrapped, it is brought to the exit conveyor which may be either belt or roller type as necessitated.

Conveyor speed is controlled either as variable speed or fixed drive, as per the requirements of the customer. This choice also depends on whether the shrink wrap model is automatic or semi-automatic. The indigenous manufacturing in our machine shop provides reliable and durable conveyors, that adds value at the customers’ end.

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