Shrink Wrapper for Bottles

two roll semi automatic shrink wrapper

Two Roll Shrink Wrapper for bottles: Model: TR8 SA

Bottle Packaging Shrink Wrapping Machine

We manufacture to the specific and niche needs of customers - of which a popular model is our Plastic Bottle Packing Machine TR8 A90°. This shrink wrapping machine for PET bottles meets wide range of capacities – from 200 to 2000 ml bottles in a single machine, ensuring fast and stable production. It enhances the customers’ Brand loyalty and transparency on one side and reduces manpower cost over traditional carton packing on the other.

The customer can choose their model based on whether they require manual bottle shrink wrap machine or automatic bottle shrink wrap machine. This water bottle packing machine price is nominal and hence is popular with the beverage sector that looks for both pet bottle packing machine as well as glass bottle packing machine.

The bottles are loaded in a 90° conveyor and then automatically arranged according to the required collation of bundle. This model completely automizes the collation process to offer a high production output. This packaging solution ensures to take your processes to an ensuing level in production.

two roll automatic shrink wrapper

Two Roll Shrink Wrapper: Model: TR8 A 90 MT (Multiple tracks for feeding)

Another special feature of this bottle packaging machine A90° model is that they occupy less space and the layout can be planned in such a way to deploy the shrink packed products ergonomically. The design of the 90° conveyor can be made either as Left hand machine or a Right hand machine, as per the existing layout in the customers’ factory space. The less occupied area gives the user more room for the merchandise; and the layout doesn’t demand a longer linear space, thereby securing effectual space utilisation.

The shrink wrapping machine for bottles comes as both Single line and Multi line feeding as per the requirement of the customer. Savings in terms of time and increase in production can be planned with appropriate choice of the bottle wrapping machine model.

How to select Bottle Shrink Wrapper

The packing dimensions can be smartly chosen as to the required finishing that is called-for, in the final packed product. For instance, easier handling of products with bull’s eye handle is also enabled, with the appropriate dimensions of the packing film chosen for the bottle shrink wrap machine.

    TR8A 90° TR10 A 90°  
Min. Dimension (in mm) A 70 100


Product dimension

B 200 200
H 70 80
Max. Dimension (in mm) A 300 300
B 500 600
H 370 370
Max. B + H (in mm)   800 1000

When the product is safely wrapped using our Bottle Packaging Machine, one can be sure of reducing the damages caused in transit and distribution compared to traditional carton packing. It enhances the confidence level in consumers on the brand of the shrink packaged beverage for its tamper-proof and un-adulterated supply. Our PET bottle packing machine meets all the requirements of the beverage industry which is one of the growing industries in the world. We not only provide Shrink Wrapping Machines for new Beverage industries, but also the solutions for your product packing development requirements in existing beverages packing companies.

Sample products


Film thickness (µ) 30 -110 (PE)
Installed power - Machine + Standard Tunnel Model: TR8 A 90 - 20 kW
Model: TR10 A 90 - 27 kW

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