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shrink tunnels

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What is Shrink Tunnel?

Shrink tunnels play a vital role in the shrink film packaging process. The purpose of the Shrink tunnel is to shrink the heat sensitive films which cover the products that are to be shrink wrapped. Shrinking is done inside the tunnels using heat which is produced using special enclosures where heaters are placed either in single or in double chambers as per requirement.

shrink tunnels

Shrink Tunnel in TR Series

Features of Shrink Tunnel

User friendly temperature controllers are used to control the heat of the shrink tunnel and the sealer. Standard temperatures are to be maintained which also depends on the type of shrink film used for wrapping. The heaters are also smartly programmed for time-saving and for the right amount of dissipation of heat when the shrinking happens.

With four decades of experienced hands leading our technical designs, we as shrink tunnel machine manufacturers, produce our shrink wrap tunnel with utmost compatibility with our user requirement. Effective double insulation of the tunnel maintains the temperature in the appropriate level for a longer time, hence energy efficient and saves cost. The shrink tunnel is designed with appropriate impellers and deflectors that can be monitored and regulated with user friendly indicators, which blow hot air on all sides of the product. This ensures uniform shrinking all around the product coming out from the shrink wrap tunnel machine. When compared with conventional cartoning machine functioning, packing shrink wrap with shrink tunnels ensures advantages in terms of cost, space, stable production, reduced damages and enhanced presentation of the product.

Cost effectiveness

As one of the world class shrink tunnel manufacturers, our shrink tunnel machine price is surprisingly cost effective to the immense value delivered through our product. Our Shrink tunnel machine for bottle packaging are getting increasingly popular over traditional cartoning machines from the cost and space saving front. Our prospects could certainly envisage the merits of our product series through the profusely visible quality in the performance of our packaging machines in diverse sectors.

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