High Speed Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Model: SALLY 5 HS

high speed bagging with side sealer

High Speed Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine with Side Sealer - Model: SALLY 5 HS

This model is High Speed version of the Sally 5 model and it suits for higher production. The high-speed model features a pneumatic cylinder, that controls the tension and pressure on the sealer. A servo drive and a servo motor regulate the mobility of the vertical sealer that facilitates the non-stop movement of the conveyor that feeds the products for shrink wrapping. The timing of the sealing is encoded as per requirement based on the thickness of the shrink film used. This non stop movement results in higher and incessant production as desired by the user.

How to select SALLY 5 HS

Sally 5/HS model shrink wraps products which are about 25 mm upto 300 mm in height (H); with a width (B) ranging between 25mm and 380mm. The length (A) of the product shall range between 150 mm upto 6000 mm which can be wrapped comfortably and neatly in this shrink wrap machine.

SALLY 5 HS Minimum Dimension (in mm) Maximum Dimension (in mm) Maximum B + H (in mm)  
A 150 6000 650

Product dimension

B 25 380
H 25 300

Features of SALLY 5 HS

Machine parameters are easily monitored and regulated with user friendly controls and counter indicators. The shrink wrap machine is adept with motorised conveyors for variable speed, lengthwise sealing bar, continuous side sealer, trim waste collection system and touch screen control panel.

  • Increases brand awareness and loyalty
  • Eliminates use of carton boxes

Sample products


Compressed air consumption (6 bars) 30 NI / cycle (PP); 70 NI / cycle (PE)
Product weight (max.) 10 kg / m (Special high weight version available)
Maximum Ø of film reel (mm) 350
Film thickness (µ) 11 - 25 (PP); 26 - 60 (PE)
Belt speed (m / min.) 8 - 15; Depending on film type (PE - PP)

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