Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Model: SALLY

automatic bagging with side sealer

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine with Side Sealer - Model: SALLY 5 / 8 / 12

As an entrusted shrink packing machine manufacturer, one of our flagship models in the shrink wrap packaging arena, is the Sally model. Using the concept of Side Sealer as the key technique, this sealing machine is manufactured by Italindia Packplus Pvt Ltd, as a total enclosure automatic packaging machine providing continuous sealing on one side. The wrapped and sealed product is then sent to the heating unit, the shrink tunnel, to complete the shrink wrapping process The Sally Shrink wrap system is best suitable, not only as a food container packaging machine, but also have extensively convinced our clients in other sectors including Note books packaging, Paper packaging, Eco leaf plate packaging, Sheet metals and chocolate and confectionary.

How to select SALLY 5 / 8 / 12

The suitable model of this automatic packaging machine can be chosen based on the dimension of the product to be shrink wrapped, by referring the given picture and table.

    Sally 5 Sally 8 Sally 12  
Min. Dimension (in mm) A 150 150 150


Product dimension

B 25 80 300
C 25 30 50
Max. Dimension (in mm) A 6000 6000 6000
B 380 600 1000
C 300 370 400
Max. B + H (in mm)   650 950 1200

Sally model does shrink wrapping on products (depending on the model selected) which are about 25 mm upto 400 mm in height (H); and with a width (B) ranging between 25mm and 1000mm. The length (A) of the product shall range between 150 mm upto 6000 mm which can be wrapped comfortably and neatly in this shrink wrap packaging machine.

Features of SALLY

The sizes and speeds of the packing machine are easily adjusted using handwheels with counter indicators. The length of the product is automatically detected and products can be upto 6 meters long or so for packing mixed products of different lengths when fed.

Our expertise as shrink wrap manufacturers is evident in the user-friendly features of this shrink wrap machine that proves highly beneficial in terms of ergonomic handling and the other competent attributes. The favourable features include motorised conveyors with variable speed, lengthwise sealing bar, continuous side sealer, trim waste collection system and touch screen control panel to monitor production as well as to set different parameters.

  • Provides a perfect film sealing that protects products from Dirt, Dust & Humidity while in transit & in store.
  • Eliminates pilferages during transit & ensures tamperproof protection for end-user.

Sample products


Model Sally 5 Sally 8 Sally 12
Compressed air consumption (6 bars) 30 NI / cycle (PP); 70 NI / cycle (PE)
Product weight (max.) 10 kg / m (Special high weight version available)
Maximum Ø of film reel (mm) 350
Film thickness (µ) 11 - 25 (PP); 26 - 60 (PE)
Belt speed (m / min.) 8 - 15; Depending on film type (PE - PP) 8 - 12; Depending on film type (PE - PP)

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